Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The guy that interviewed Greg Chamitoff from KRI-TV in Corpus Christi was hands-down the worst interviewer I have ever heard.
The questions sucked, he sucked, and it's five minutes I'll never get back.
Poor Greg Chamitoff made a valiant effort to answer what amounted to ridiculous, repetitive questions, but even he couldn't save this doofus.

Can't Mission Control screen these questions before they're asked?

"Sorry, sir, that's a dumb question. You'll have to come up with something else or you won't be able to conduct the interview."

And another thing: if you get the honor of interviewing the ISS crew, you probably should do your research so you don't have to waste your time or theirs with questions like, "How long have you been up there?" and "Have you done a spacewalk yet?" and "Is this your first spaceflight?"
(NOTE: These are NOT the questions the guy from KRI asked. These questions are genius compared to his blather.)

Why would you waste one whole precious question on, "How long have you been up there?" when you could have spent 3 seconds looking at a NASA astronaut biography online to find out that information, thus giving you time to ask something like, "How much do y'all miss Garrett Reisman?" and "Do you have a message for Garrett Reisman back on earth?" and "Do you still find yourself thinking 'I think I'll float on down to the US side and see what Garrett Reisman is up to', only to be crushed when you remember that he's no longer on board?"

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