Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wonder if anybody is walking around KSC today saying, "BAAAADGES?!"

According to reports, the security badges used by KSC are real fun until someone loses an eye.

On August 15th, a NASA Safety Notice issued at Kennedy Space Center warned that NASA's new Identity Stronghold badge holder has the "potential to introduce dangerous Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to flight hardware areas and can cause personnel injury if the metal clips are installed improperly."
The badge holder's metal clasps, if installed backwards, "will become a projectile when the badge is opened creating a potential eye injury hazard," the Safety Notice says. "When removing your badge, do not point end with metal clips towards your face or another person."


We trust them to assemble solid rocket boosters but we can't trust them to properly assemble a security badge?

And I know that NASA is full of light-hearted pranksters , but do they have to take it to the "pointing metal clips towards other people" level?

Folks, when security badges are outlawed, only outlaws will have security badges.

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