Monday, February 2, 2009

Gemini Ale

It's no secret that I often decide which beer to purchase based on the label.
By fortunate coincidence, I have found that the beers with the prettiest, most interesting, or most unique labels are also the best tasting beers. Thankfully, I have a liquor store within walking distance which, though small, surely has the biggest collection of beautifully-labeled beers outside of the big liquor chains.
Don de Dieu ("Gift of God") pairs nicely with the peppery Maudite ("Damned") and I first bought them because of their beautiful labels.
Naturally, opening a Maudite is a charming wink-wink nudge-nudge precursor to opening a bottle of Salvation for your guests:

The point of this is the latest fab beer label I came across, which turned into a new fab beer discovery.
Gemini beer not only has a beautiful label; it's space-themed, too.
I'm not one to wax poetic about piquant aftertastes of leather and cigar - I'll just tell you this is a really good beer.
If you'd like to hear the poetic waxing, it's all here on Beer Advocate's page devoted to the brew.

Perhaps you can find some Gemini for your next "Yuri's Night" party.

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