Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pocket Universe iPhone App

Boy howdy, it's a good thing I spent whatever-hundred dollars on a heavy, cumbersome, won't-work-within-a-hundred-feet-of-a-beer-can-much-less-a-car, can't-acquire-GPS-signals-if-there's-so-much-as-a-basil-plant-in-the-vicinity-blocking-the-signal SkyScout a few years back. Otherwise I would have had to wait a whole, like, three months for smartphones to be invented and have things like astronomy apps that cost less than a six-pack of cheap beer.

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy; $2.99.

Key Features

• Easy-to-use astronomy application, which focuses on helping you answer the question “What’s that in the sky?”
• Works on all iPhones and iPod Touch devices with latest firmware (iPhone 3GS/4 required for compass support)
• Tracks the ISS, and predicts sightings
• Special “Show Me” mode will guide you to named stars, planets, constellations as well as the brightest galaxies and nebulae.
• “Tonight’s Sky” and “Objects and Events” will keep you up-to-date, and give you suggestions for what to look for when you head outside.
• Constellation Quiz to help you learn your way around the sky.
• Links to Wikipedia articles for the latest information.
• Responsive customer support, frequent updates.

•Plots the position of the Sun, Moon and Planets (including Pluto)
•Displays 10,000 stars and the Messier Catalog of Deep Sky objects.
•Draws Constellations outlines, with mythological artwork
•Lunar phases for the current, next and previous months
•Plan observations with list of meteor showers and visible planets
•Constellation and Star Quiz games help you learn your way around the sky
•Jupiter’s and Saturn’s Moons (visible in a telescope)
•Regularly updated news section for viewing suggestions
•Night Vision mode
•Augmented Reality camera mode for use during evening/dawn on iPhone devices.
•Location found automatically or may be specified manually.

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