Saturday, June 21, 2008

This Day in Garrett's Chosen Career Field's History

1993: STS-57 launches from Cape Canaveral without Garrett Reisman on board. However, Endeavor, the OV for this mission, would later carry Garrett to the ISS.

2004: Spaceshipone completes the first privately-funded spaceflight after being launched from California, the same state in which Garrett Reisman received his Master's and PhD.

Happy birthday to:
Cosmonaut Gennadi Padalka, member of ISS Expedition 9.
Cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, who had the grand fortune of being a crewmember on ISS Expedition 17 with Garrett Reisman. He is also the hero who repaired the ISS toilet recently. (No word on whether his waistband stayed in place during the fix.) He remains on the ISS at this time and is currently preparing for next month's spacewalk. Many happy returns, Oleg.
CNSA Astronaut Yang Liwei, the Chinese Alan Shepard. He went to space on 10-15-03 and orbited 14 times, returning on 10-16-03. Though the official Chinese report was that everything went great, media video of his exit of the spacecraft showed his lips bleeding rather profusely, sparking rumors of a hard landing. Yang ate Kung Pao chicken on his journey. True story.

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