Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I certainly cannot compete with the awesome postings my sis in law can....but would like to share memories of my childhood and how much the space program has impacted my entire life.
As a child growing up in South Florida, there was nothing bigger than NASA, my father had a special affinity for all things space related and anytime there was a launch, our entire street would toss lawn chairs up on our roof and we'd sit and wait with a radio nearby waiting for "some action" of which we almost ALWAYS got!
Of course, the moon landing on TV was a very special event causing the entire neighborhood to STOP everything, sit and witness this miraculous event. I really didn't appreciate or comprehend exactly what I was seeing until later in life, but when I did, WOW! Thank you Daddy for making us come inside!
Now that I have children of my own, these recent space specials (When we left Earth and From Here To the Moon) have really sparked this love in me again. As a grown woman I cannot fathom just how crazy cool we as mankind are (OK, maybe not me personnally....but there are some smart people on this planet!) to come from the 1960's to now and see the unbelievable progress we have made is truly amazing! I wish I could be here for the next 50 years but alas MY memories are mine to take with me forever!
God Bless the USA, we rock!
Chris Ward

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