Friday, June 27, 2008

Today in Space History

1962 - X15 High Alpha Mach-6 Test Mission
6,603 Km/h (Unofficial world speed record.)

To put this speed in perspective, if you took off from Chicago and flew for just an hour, you could be in London, England.

You could fly to Guatemala City. And back.

You could fly to Honolulu, Hawaii.

You could fly to New York City and back. Three times.

Also on this day:

In 1969, the decision as to who will be the first man to step foot on the moon is made. Rumors swirl that Neil Armstrong "pulled rank" on Buzz Aldrin.

In 1995, STS-71 (Atlantis) launches to Mir, carrying, among other things, an IMAX camera. The astronauts film the IMAX movie "Mission to Mir" during this journey.

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