Saturday, June 28, 2008

If Garrett had been there...

he'd have let the pieces fall into a bowl and eaten them like Grape-Nuts. I digress.

Listen up, kids. This is a good one.

On June 28, 1911 a Martian meteorite fell near Nakhla, Egypt, breaking into 40 pieces before striking the earth. To add insult to injury, a farmer reported that one of the fragments hit his dog, which was standing in a field. The dog was, according to the farmer, instantly vaporized.

This story was never proven (no bits of dog were ever recovered) but, as the folks at NASA said, it was never disproven either.

Part of the Nakhla Meteorite:

Bonus Material:

Statistically, more meteorites fall in June than at any other time of the year - and 30 June is a particularly hazardous day. Since records began, 116 meteorites have plunged to Earth in June - their high season - compared with only 57 in March - their low season. At least 17 people are said to have been killed by meteorite impact.

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