Thursday, June 26, 2008

In direct violation of my "No toilet humor" rule...

This --- this is...
It's just --- too funny not to post.
Ever since about day two of this blog's existence, I've been considering posting it.
I was just mulling it over and waiting for the right time.
In my defense, it's not technically "toilet humor" because it's not really the "toilet" part that makes it funny. It's the whole thing. Take away one element, and it loses something. It's got numerous qualities of funny: surprise, embarrassment, a brilliant astronaut talking like a hayseed hillbilly, silly subject matter, a supposed private conversation becoming very, very public.

I laugh hysterically every time I read it.

Every time I see a can of Tang (potassium-enriched Tang is what Young was actually referring to when he said "citrus fruit" - another funny element), I chuckle and think, "There is NO WAY I would ever buy that crap."

Thanks a lot, John Young.

P.S. The official transcripts of Apollo 16 (which I have read. I know - behold: Superdork!) replaced the "f" word. Silly NASA.

Without further ado:

Young: "I got the farts again. I got 'em again, Charlie. I don't know what the hell gives 'em to me. Certainly not....I think it's acid in the stomach. I really do."

Duke: "It probably is."

Young: "I mean, I haven't eaten this much citrus fruit in twenty years. And I'll tell you one thing, in another twelve ......days, I ain't never eating any more. And if they offer to serve me potassium with my breakfast, I'm going to throw up. I like an occasional orange, I really do. But I'll be damned if I'm going to be buried in oranges........"

Capcom: "Orion, Houston."

Young: "Yes, sir."

Capcom: "Okay, John. You're...where.... you have a hot mike."

Young: "H..How long have we had that?"

Above: John Young during a happier moment of the Apollo 16 mission

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