Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

What the Cool People Will Be Wearing This Summer

Garrett's wife has designed some pretty great T-shirts to commemorate the Atlantis launch. If you want one (or two or 20), you can order it (them) here or here. Below are the hilarious images on the backs of the shirts.

I am personally outfitting the Ward sisters and Cathy's toddler and yet-to-be-born son, Drew. It's, after all, what the best children are wearing this year!

Meanwhile, if your remote finger tends to automatically stop on the NASA channel, as mine does, check the schedule to see when it is re-running the pre-flight interviews, which you can also read here.

He Seemed Surprised

So, dude stops by the house. Nice guy from AT&T. Wanted to offer me a great deal, wifi, tv, DVR receivers, phone service, the works. Asked him to show me the list of channels I would get. No NASA channel. Told him it was a deal-breaker.